Why do we consider drones as a productivity upgrade tools?


“Flying a drone is an easy and cost-effective way to keep your field team safe.”
Hugh McFall, 3DR product marketing manager


An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) is an aircraft without a human pilot on board. Unmanned aerial vehicles are also combined with drones. At present, drones have become very important and useful in several areas, such as construction, architecture, and engineering. As a developmental tool for construction industry drones has many advantages, it improves communication, security, and marketing. 

The drones are controlled by remote control, outwardly they are small flying machines, but they can also be on the ground. People from ancient times are engaged in construction.  Of course, the current construction differs much from the construction 10 years ago. As all things and equipment develop and progress. Now everything is incomparably faster developing. And these new ideas, projects, and equipment are included in the construction every year.

drones in construction

To solve the century’s challenges, the drones were created.

In the construction industry, the drones help to view as well as tall or complex structures. They can gather mapping information, aerial data and images used for: 

1. Construction of buildings

The drones seem to be a bird’s eye and as a result of working with them, it is easy to develop a construction plan, to know beforehand any problem with the structure and solve it.

Previously, the above information was only possible to get with a manned aircraft such as a helicopter, which is quite expensive.

The easy and efficient use of the drones, as well as being inexpensive allowed the construction companies to use drones and seeing something unrealistic about the structure at a very high altitude in a few seconds. 

 2. Land surveys  and mapping data

The drones are also widely used for land surveys. First, it helps to properly collect land resources, the second is the main and primary information for the construction, as before the construction is completed, a detailed description of the site should be made. It also helps with mapping data. Except that it can not be done with any other lightweight, fast and not costly equipment.

3. Monitoring 

The third precondition for using drones is monitoring. Monitoring is beneficial to any construction company. It is necessary to control the entire construction process to avoid difficult obstacles in the future and the use of drones in this controlling process is very effective, it is beneficial to customers, construction companies and builders.

4. Providing visual material for clients and staff

Drones, besides the above-mentioned activities, also create an effective cooperative environment. If previously there were many disagreements in construction design and building process, the main reason for which is lack of visual images, now the drones allow us to see the visual images, the appearance of the building at different distances and to create 3D renderings of a project. Drones now used as a marketing tool, as they can record the actual progress and conditions of a project during a specific moment, presenting images to investors, lending institutions, potential clients.

5. Security surveillance

Human life is invaluable, so the drones have come to solve an important issue called security. Our builders don’t have to be put at risk when a drone can achieve the same tasks. In other words, the drones mostly provide security and reduce risks and the role of the human factor is diminishing. As a result, there will be no human losses and will be more efficient and faster work.

According to statistical data used in construction, contributed to its progress, the construction industry has seen the most growth in the last year.

The construction industry has seen the most growth in the last year, followed by mining and agriculture.

From all of this, we can conclude, that construction, architecture fields are constantly evolving, they become more accessible, collaborative, productive and fast, the drone also has a major contribution.