The Industrial world is changing

future of making engDifferent industries such as manufacturing, construction, infrastructure and visualization come together and innovate faster and faster. Together with Autodesk, Ardesk presents The Future of Making in Yerevan on September 26th. If you want to discover the most important technical innovations and grow with your business, then don’t miss this event.

The main sessions covers technical developments and market trends that are at the basis of the major changes in the production and construction industry. In the parallel sessions there is a program of your choice. The technical track focuses on the use of the latest solutions in production, construction and civil engineering. Innovations in the visualization field will be also highlighted. Topics inspiring and interesting enough that will help you to define the right steps to the future of your business.


Discover. Integrate. Combine. It is already happening between different industries. Are you an independent entrepreneur or are you part of a larger organization? It doesn’t matter anymore these days. Technology offers start-ups the same chances of success as multinationals. We support your company to tackle the challenges so that you will flow in this age of changes.

Take part in our event on Thursday September 26th 2019 and discover how!