The greatest benefits of BIM are known everywhere: it improves the communication between construction partners, reduces failure costs and shortens the construction time. No wonder the big guys like BAM Woningbouw are already using BIM for years.

BIM is a new way of collaborating, based on transparency and trust.” This is what Patrick van der Vliet said to hundreds of attendees of the National BIM Congres in 2017 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Now, more than a year later, he still stands by his words. “BIM is a complex process that integrates different models, architectural, constructive and installation-technical, into one 3D-building model. This means that you have to make good agreements beforehand. After all, making a correct 3D-building model takes effort from all the constructing partners. This makes the difference with the traditional 2D-situation, where the focus only was on your own business.”

Complex process

Traditionally, within the construction industry, there was hardly any chain collaboration”, continues Van der Vliet. “But with BIM, mutual collaboration between construction partners is essential. This requires a different way of thinking and working, based on transparency and trust. This new way of working has to be made your own first. BIM must be realized by your own employees and your construction partners. The awareness to apply BIM has to be understood by all parts of your organisation. The implementation of BIM will not happen quickly; it’s a complex process. It’s more than just purchasing the software to model buildings in 3D. I always say: whether BIM becomes a success depends 70% on the change in your business culture and 30% on the process and the technique.

Speeded up work process

In 2011 BAM Woningbouw made its first steps to the world of modelling in 3D and BIM. Meanwhile, the implementation of BIM within the organisation is already far advanced. “For the transformation from 2D to 3D it’s especially important to make perfectly correct virtual 3D-building models that contain the correct geometrical and technical information”, emphasizes the BIM Manager. “An important tool is the 3B, the Dutch version of the Revit application developed by ICN Solutions.” René van der Veen, BIM Engineer at BAM Woningbouw, makes clear what the importance is of this software: “The 3B contains numerous handy tools to speed up the work process. Due to the time saving, this Revit-application is good for a high ROI (Return on investment) and it earns itself back very well.

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