BIM is now in Armenia. Be ready for the future. Make anything!

For this event, top level BIM (Building Information Modeling) specialists were invited from Kiev, Minsk and The Netherlands to present to Armenian specialists the innovations, technologies and recent developments in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC).

Special guests Gennadiy Molodetsky (General manager at Autodesk) and Alexandr Shipilov (BIM manager) introduced to Armenian specialists the future of AEC in relation to BIM. They presented BIM as an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architects, engineers and constructors the insight and tools to more effectively and efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructures. Gennadiy Molodetsky and Alexandr Shipilov also demonstrated the possibilities of Autodesk software “to make anything”. They explained that BIM technology is transforming the way architects and engineers design, construct and operate buildings and infrastructure. BIM also helps to improve decision making and performance across the building and infrastructure lifecycle.

At the congress the attendees also enjoyed presentations by Christoph Maria Ravesloot (architect, professor and lector at Rotterdam University) and Peter Brouwer (architect and CEO at D+B Architects). It became clear that BIM is a solution for intelligent, connected workflows. These help parties in the building industry to improve predictability, productivity and profitability of their business. Christoph Maria Ravesloot and Peter Brouwer also explained how structural design and detailing software helps to win new business and support project delivery.

The National BIM Congress became even more interesting with the story of ArDesk’s well respected client Andranik Tigranyan (director and founder of ProMax LLC). He shared his experiences of starting his business, the problems along way, his business specifics and the solutions found with ArDesk. He talked about the benefits of using licensed software applications, which helped him to optimize working speed and processes, and significantly reduce errors and expenses.

The main goal of the National BIM Congress can be considered fulfilled.

This first BIM National Congress had a very positive feedback from Armenian specialists and companies. Many attendees shared with the ArDesk team their positive opinions and interest in BIM and licensed Autodesk software. They asked to be fully informed about Autodesk software and want to participate in trainings.

Natasja Mirzoianc (owner and Executive Director of ArDesk and Manager of ICN Group) unveiled her plans to open an Autodesk Training Center (ATC) in Yerevan soon. With this first Armenian Autodesk Authorized Training Center, ArDesk will be easier accessible to potential customers in Yerevan, who want to be trained and qualified as Autodesk Certified Professional. The ArDesk Training Center will also provide consultancy on BIM, PIM (Project Information Management), Digital Construction and GIS (Geographical Information Systems).

At the conclusion of the congress, Natasja Mirzoianc announced a second BIM National Congress. This will be held in October of this year, in Yerevan.